Rare Gem

Talin is rare gem that one cannot find in the full light of the day! It is hard to express all of the gratitude and appreciation that I and my wife have for Talin because words can limit and lessen the true color of things. Still, I will try my best.

From the moment we were introduced to Talin back in November of 2016 until present, she has showed us nothing but genuine care, professionalism, readiness to do anything necessary to help us find a house we can call home. Always on subject, quick-witted, kind and patient, Talin has always been there for us, tirelessly replying to every text, inquiry and message almost instantly. Talin has a big family including three little children and I am truly amazed and forever grateful to Talin for her time spent on our matters, especially on those countless weekends sharing her time between us and her precious family. This type of care goes beyond expectations!

Talin is a strong individual with a gentle heart. Not a single time have we seen her either tired or anything less than positive. She is also a loyal individual who never gave up on the many unpredictable situations and U-turns we had experienced with our offers, escrows and especially with inspections. It is also beneficial to mention that even those referrals that Talin had provided us with, be it a loan processor or a home inspector have all worked out perfectly for us. We use them to this day!

From this experience I can confidently state that anyone having the honor of working with Talin as a realtor, can rest assured that she will do the work no matter how hard it will be. She will guide her client through the rocky buy/sell process with nothing less than success, just the way she did for us.